The cheapest Richard Mille watch (2023)


If you're a fan of watches, you might have heard of the Swiss watch brand Richard Mille. Richard Mille founded a precision watch manufacturing company in 1999....

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (1)

If you are a fan of watches, you must have heard ofSwissLuxury watch brand Richard Mille. Richard Mille founded a precision watch manufacturing company in 1999. In collaboration withAudemars Piguets(Audemars Piguets) This watch is aimed at the high-end luxury watch market. Given the title of this article, you might be sitting there thinking cheap Richard Mille, are you kidding me? To buy a cheap model you have to beat the more expensive Richard Mille, which is quite a challenge. After that, let's work on everyone's ideas...

Why are Richard Mille watches so expensive?

Firstly, the materials used in all Richard Mille watches are second to none. These watch cases are made only of gold and titanium and are mixed with some carbon andquartzto offer the happy owner greater quality and hardness.

Richard Mille watches showcase their world-class products in innovative designs, using engineering techniques common to Formula 1 racing and aerospace design. The brand has worked hard to push boundaries, using curved edge surfaces for micron-level accuracy. The Richard Mille watch (Richard Mille) does not seem to be enough, he also pioneered the mechanical principles of the 21st century and turned timekeeping into a true art form.

The Richard Mille (Richard Mille) series sets a new standard for the luxury watch industry, it's no wonder it can fetch such high prices. So is there really a bargain for this hefty Swiss product?

Let's take a look at the price of Richard Mille watches...

Richard Mille RM005

Priced at around £35,000 for a used RM 005, it's a popular choice at the lower end of the Richard Mille range, and an ideal place to start. This piece is most commonly found in titanium or rose gold. It is medium in size, measuring 38 x 45mm and comes with a durable rubber strap.

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Due to its popularity, you can find some special edition models on the market, mainly the Felipe Massa version, but as always, you will have to pay a little more.

April 2020 Update: We have reassessed the market and the price of the RM 005 has recently increased. The current price of used models is normally around €50,000.

Richard Mille RM016

Another popular product in Richard Mille's low cost series is the RM016. Due to its paper-like design, this product has been dubbed “ultra-thin” all over the world. At just 8.25mm thick, it's a true moniker and is made from titanium and rose gold.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (3)

The Richard MilleRM 016 is a fine used model priced at around £40,000.

Richard Mille RM010

For the next article, our wallet needs to be bigger to consider the RM010 Richard Mille model. This watch has a classic Richard Mille look and is based on precision-engineered technology. This watch features a carbon fiber flange and is available in rose gold, white gold or titanium gold.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (4)

These watches are brand new, take you anywhere and the most advanced version can cost up to £90,000. If you accept a used model, you can find it for £65,000. Anyway, this flagship watch can guarantee quality and style.

Richard MilleRM 007-01

Richard Mille doesn't just make men's watches: with its white/rose gold case and sapphire dial, the RM 007 also offers advanced functions. Although this watch has nothing to do with itJames-Link, it is difficult to find one because there are not many watches in circulation.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (5)

Where can I find them? Expect to pay around £100,000 for the used model. Pay attention to the pink or purple style of the RM00701 series. They offer more exotic design styles for those who really want to stand out but always wanted to spend some money!

Richard Mille RM030

Richard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 030 is the best in the series. Performance-focused design, grade 5 sandblasted titanium alloy. That's why this watch is so popular, many different special editions have been released to make it a true collector's collection.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (6)

Depending on which version you choose, the RM 030 will take you anywhere with a price tag of up to €150,000. If you're looking for something cheaper, try the pre-owned model and it drops to around £90,000 for the titanium model and around £110,000 for the rose gold.

Richard Mille RM002

Now let's take a look at the middle class of the Richard Mille series and bring our next RM 002 to the whole world. Like the RM 010, this watch is an important part of the Richard Mille watch, combining intricate design with the finest craftsmanship.

RM 002 US owhirlwindMovement using complex mechanical devices to ensure accurate timing throughout its lifecycle. Herail vortexIt's not cheap and the RM 002 is no exception.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (7)

To get the new RM 002 you only need to spend £250,000! If you don't have a lot of money to buy the product, you can buy a used model for around £150,000.

awards of honor

While we've looked at the low-end products in the Richard Mille series, this article isn't complete without considering the high-performance products. Richard Mille is known for his innovative watches - let's take a look at the most profitable watches...

Richard Mille RM50-03

At the beginning of this article we compared Richard Mille's watch with the technical volume of a Formula 1 car, and this is not a common comparison. Richard Mille collaboratedMcLaren F1to develop RM 50-03. This premium watch puts them in a leading position among watch and racing enthusiasts.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (8)

Not only does this watch make you feel fast, but it also sets a world record for the lightest mechanical chronograph ever – weighing just 40 grams in total, which is incredible. But that is not all! It is also the first watch to use graphene, an extremely durable material. Unfortunately, you have to rely on your broker's salary to take advantage of one of these. At the time of publication, it sold for up to £1 million worldwide. The price has since come down slightly and buyers can pick up a piece for £900,000.

Richard Mille RM56-02

That's not fair to Richard Mille or the world, let alone the next article. RM 56-02 is currently the flagship product of the Richard Mille series. To be honest, it's not hard to see why.

At first glance, it appears to be made of plastic, while the case of the RM 56-02 is made entirely of sapphire. Not only that, but Richard Mille believes the interior must also undergo a revolutionary change, using a pulley system of micron-braided cables to suspend the watch's mechanical device.

The cheapest Richard Mille watch (9)

This pioneering design was passed on to the RM 56-02 brothers and sisters in 2012. The RM 56 and 56-01 models hit the market for the first time; It's fair to say that these three really took the world by storm. The price of 56-02 is impressive, you may have to calm down to buy it - $ 2,020,000! There aren't many 56-02s on the market, but if you're looking for a nice gift, you can pick up the 56-01 for £1.9m.


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