My Sennelier Watercolor Review: Are They Worth It? (2023)

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If you've been playing with color for a while, you might already know that watercolors are the norm. They create totally unique effects that no other type of ink can replicate. And using watercolors on the page? So dreamy! But whether you've been painting for a while or just dipping your toes, one thing's for sure: the choice and cost of watercolor can be a little overwhelming. I've tried a few different types of watercolors over the years and there's one I want to share with you today to talk about its merits. So get your brushes ready for my Sennelier watercolor review!

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My Sennelier Watercolor Review

For a long time, my main watercolor brand was Dr. Ph. Martin's Hydras Watercolors. They're great and served my needs well for years, but there were some downsides. About the time I started mineAquarelplaner, I decided to research and have a new experience with watercolor. I delved into the wild world of watercolor in search of something that met some of my needs. That's when I discovered Sennelier's watercolors. After some hesitation, I finally bought it. And boy, were they unlike anything I'd ever worn before?

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Where to find Sennelier watercolors

While I'm sure there's a shop somewhere in the world selling Sennelier watercolors, I've never seen this French brand here in America, at least not in person. However, it appears to be readily available on Amazon. I found my Sennelier watercolor palette on Amazon. The type of palette I bought is the Sennelier artist colors, not to be confused with the student colors. While I'm sure student paints are beautiful, student paints often lack quality ingredients and therefore behave differently when used. So keep that in mind when choosing this brand! All links below go to artist quality inks, just so you know.

I bought the set of 12 tubes with a sturdy metal paddle, but Sennelier offers several different paddle options. The palette I'm reviewing contains tubes, so any other palette that contains tubes of paint should look very similar. However, it should be noted that I haven't tried Sennelier's bread paints, which are simply watercolor paints that you let dry in a cake pan. I've listed a few palettes of tube and tray options below if you'd like to check them out.

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Set of 12 tubes in a metal box for SENNELIER watercolor paints

  • Made from a blend of natural ingredients, this watercolor paint produces colors with smooth, bright textures and vibrant, colorful tones.
  • Honey acts as a preservative and increases the longevity of the color.
  • The color is bright, shiny and intense.
  • SENNELIER French Artists WC Metall Tube Set 12–10 ml

the professionals

What makes Sennelier watercolors better than a cheaper paint kit? Let me tell you a little about how these watercolors rocked my world.

excellent grain

One of the best things about Sennelier watercolors is the incredible granularity you can achieve. Grain is when the pigment takes on that grainy, textured look as it dries, which is usually a sign that the paint was made with quality ingredients. Grain is a feature that many artists look for, but it's not a feature that all artists like. I personally love it! I wanted to add a little more grain and character to my art with the grain and Sennelier's watercolors did an amazing job.

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Another feature I looked for in my watercolors was the ability to wet and reuse them over and over again. I wanted to know that once I get the paint out of the tube I can count on it for many painting sessions. In the past, some watercolors have failed me and refused to reactivate after drying on my palette. Sennelier's watercolors, on the other hand, are masters of rewetting. The colors are made with honey, making them buttery and responding perfectly to the brush, time after time.

saturated colors

As you would expect from tubular ink, the colors are intense and saturated. The twelve paintings I own are simply stunning. There are several color variations that offer a wide variety of colors for your artwork.

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Since my set of Sennelier watercolor paints only contained twelve colors, I have to mix them to get all the colors I want. I'm happy to report that these watercolors blend effortlessly and create beautiful blends without fuss.

tube longevity

Sennelier's watercolors are the most expensive paints I've ever purchased, so I was very concerned about getting my money's worth. I didn't want to run out of color too quickly and have to buy new ones. Fortunately, because tubes of paint are so concentrated, a little goes a long way. I've been using my Sennelier watercolors for over a year now and I'm nowhere near halfway through the tubes. I'm sure I'll have these colors for a long time!

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solid metal blade

One thing I like a lot more than I expected is the metal palette. I've only owned plastic pallets before, so something as tough and dense as a metal pallet feels extremely luxurious to me. It's not heavy, but feels good in the hand.

metal tubes

Sometimes paint tubes are plastic, but these Sennelier tubes are metal. Why is this important, you ask? Well, as soon as you start using paint, you can be sure that the metal tubes will keep their shape as you roll them. The plastic tubes retract, allowing paint to flow back to the end of the tube. When you squeeze the end of a metal tube to get paint out, the metal stays where you squeezed it, allowing you to squeeze out as much paint as possible. You will also get your money's worth with Sennelier watercolors.

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The metal palette my colors are written on isn't particularly small, but it's compact enough that I can easily throw it in my backpack when I travel. It folds up nicely on itself, and as long as you don't have paint soaking through it, everything should stay in place. If I decide to travel with a smaller palette, I just push the color to the other palette. So I can always have these high-quality colors with me when I travel.

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The disadvantages

While I love these watercolors, there is one glaring issue that needs to be pointed out.

the costs

The only downside I can find with Sennelier watercolors is how expensive they are. These are not watercolors for children: Sennelier watercolors are artistic quality, which means they are suitable for professionals. And the price reflects that. If you're new to watercolors, you might want to think twice about getting this Sennelier watercolor set. Or, if you want to try this color first, buy a single tube and see if you like it. Whether you're an avid amateur, a professional artist, or just don't mind the cost, I can't recommend these fabulous watercolors highly enough. For me they were definitely worth every penny.

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Watercolors will never be the same

After playing with watercolors for years and often becoming frustrated with their wild nature, Sennelier's watercolors made me feel right at home. Watercolors can never be fully tamed, but with Sennelier watercolors you can be sure your medium won't get in the way of your work. These colors have been an incredibly flexible tool in helping me achieve the artistic effects I want and it's nice to have a color brand that can really do it all. When you buy a Sennelier watercolor set, you can be sure you are getting powerful color that won't let you down.

Hope you found this Sennelier watercolor review helpful! Let me know which product I should review next in the comments section and go for stuff pageto see some of my other favorite stuff!

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Set of 12 tubes in a metal box for SENNELIER watercolor paints

  • Made from a blend of natural ingredients, this watercolor paint produces colors with smooth, bright textures and vibrant, colorful tones.
  • Honey acts as a preservative and increases the longevity of the color.
  • The color is bright, shiny and intense.
  • SENNELIER French Artists WC Metall Tube Set 12–10 ml
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Is Sennelier watercolor artist grade? ›

These are no kid watercolors — Sennelier watercolors are artist grade, meaning that they are suitable for professionals. And the price tag reflects that. If you are just getting into watercolors, then you might want to think twice before you get this set of Sennelier watercolors.

What brand of watercolors do professionals use? ›

About Winsor Newton Professional Watercolor Paints

Many professional artists choose the finest watercolors like these Winsor Newton tubes of 24 colors. This set has a large variety of high-quality pigments, including burnt sienna, yellow ochre, and cadmium-free Red Deep.

Which brand is best for water watercolor painting? ›

The best watercolour paints
  • M. Graham Artists' Watercolours. ...
  • Sennelier French Artists' Watercolour Half Pans. ...
  • Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolours. ...
  • Winsor and Newton Professional Watercolour Tubes. ...
  • Kuretake Gansai Tambi Watercolours. ...
  • Winsor and Newton Cotman Watercolour Half Pans.
Dec 23, 2022

Are Jacksons watercolours made by Sennelier? ›

Their affordable store brand professional watercolor paints are made for them by Sennelier (OEM, France). They proudly claim that these paints are made to the "same high standards as the best professional paints {at} a fraction of the price". You can find Jackson's watercolor here.

Did Picasso use Sennelier? ›

After a year of work, he created a unique oil pastel product far superior to anything that had come before it. If you see a Picasso oil pastel drawing made after 1948, rest assured it was made with a Sennelier product—a product which to this day is still considered the industry gold standard.

Do Sennelier watercolors granulate? ›

Sennelier l'Aquarelle is a professional quality honey-based watercolor made in France (see La Petite Aquarelle for their student grade). This brand has 98 fairly standard common colors. Do Sennelier watercolors granulate? The tremendous granulation you can obtain with Sennelier paints is one of their best features.

What brand of paint do professional painters prefer? ›

By and large, most professional painters use either Sherwin-Willaims or Benjamin Moore paint products. In fact, 50% of painting contractors chose Benjamin Moore's Regal Select line as their favorite paint.

What is the golden rule of watercolor? ›

You can summarize a landscape or an atmosphere with only few brush strokes. Golden rule 2: Use a lot of water. At the beginning use a lot of water and you reduce it gradually as you go along the painting.

What is high quality watercolor paint? ›

Professional-grade paints use high-quality pigments and make little to no use of fillers or extenders; they should also offer superior lightfastness. While available in pan form, watercolor paints in tubes are a convenient way to build up a palette and have greater control over your usage.

What are artist grade paints? ›

Artist grade paints

These paints are made of the purest and highest-quality ingredients, making them the highest quality paint you can get. They have more vibrant colors than that of student grade paint.

What is the difference between artist and student grade paints? ›

Student grade paint ranges will not only use a lower percentage of pigment in each tube, but will also create their colours from cheaper pigments. Artists' paints are banded into price brackets known as 'series' numbers in a grading system that runs between 1 and 5.

Is Winsor and Newton Cotman artist grade? ›

Cotman vs Artist grade

Cotman is the range of student grade watercolours from Winsor & Newton. The professional grade is called the Artists' Watercolour or the Professional Artists' Watercolour. Watercolour paint is made of pigment and binder.


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