Here's our final ranking of 10 versions of All I Want for Christmas Is You Who Needs To Hear. (2023)

Here's our final ranking of 10 versions of All I Want for Christmas Is You Who Needs To Hear. (1)


WhileMariah Careyunmistakable original ofAll I want for Christmas is youIt's the version everyone knows and loves, a few stars have given it their own spin since its release, including several A-list artists.

In 2021, Mariah is celebrating 27 years (royalty on) All I Want for Christmas Is You, and to celebrate, we've rounded up some of the Christmas hit's most notable covers and given our verdict on how they all fare. to the year of origin...


10. Michael Buble

In addition toMichael Buble(and make no mistake, there are many out there), we can't think of anyone we'd recommend this version to.

Michael's version strips away all of the energy and almost all of the celebration synonymous with Mariah's original, making it sound more like a piano-driven X Factor winning single than a celebratory stomp.

And considering what he can do with his voice, the singer's voice is surprisingly understated on this rendition...which you don't want when someone is trying to channel a Mariah Carey song, right?


9. Mumford and Children with Kylie Minogue

To be fair to Mumford & Sons and Kylie Minogue, this isn't a full version, but rather a minute of what we thought was a rather mixed live version of Mariah's hit during a TFI Christmas special on Friday.

However, we must be honest. We're not calling for a full version of this version, which reproduces the signature sound of Mumford And Sons very well, but we have to give Kylie credit for hitting that high note at the end - impressive material from an artist whose vocal skills are often there are they can be unfairly neglected.

But please, Kylie. No more banjos.

8. Him and Her

If you don't know the work of She & Him, they are a musical duo consisting of singer-songwriter M. Ward and the actorZooey Deschanel. And that alone should let you know what's to come with this skin.


There are practically no surprises here (except for an unexpected sax solo that reminds us of Shakin' Stevens' own party hit). It's a stripped down version, led by Zooey's typically indifferent and quirky vocals, layered over guitar thumps and hand claps. You can literally see the quirky Christmas rom-com in your head while listening to this.

If Zooey Deschanel spinning the Zooey Deschanel 100 doesn't sound like your thing, you might skip this one, but it's otherwise pretty harmless.

7. Fifth Harmony

During her time in the spotlightFifth HarmonyThey've made no secret of how much they've been inspired by Mariah Carey, so it's no surprise they've recorded their own version of the famous diva's Christmas classic.

Fifth Harmony's version starts with an acapella section that allows all the girls to show off their singing skills, but after that it's a pretty basic copy. Good enough if you're a Fifth Harmony fan, of course, but for anyone else there's no real reason to listen to this instead of the original, which is a shame as the opening part promises so much.


In the accompanying music video, could we also go into the different gifts that the band members receive? Three fight over a cup of tea while Ally buys a new phone? Shocking.

6. Miley Ciro

This live version was recorded at Disneyland in 2007 when she was 15 years old.Miley CyrusI was still in the Hannah Montana mood, so it's understandable that this very Disney-oriented version was a bit cheesy.

One thing no one can take away from Miley, however, is her incredible vocal ability, and here are some country accents to help her make her music. What would really interest us is how he would approach All I Want For Christmas Is You as his modern character.

6. Jage Holfelder


While All I Want For Christmas Is You is a happy Christmas song, Mariah Carey once said that she thinks it's very effective because the lyrics are actually very sad, which is an idea Chase Holfelder definitely tapped into with her version of the song admitted. .

Chase made a name for himself on YouTube with his unique renditions of songs like "Girls Just Want To Have Fun," "Every Breath You Take," and "Amazing Grace," which completely change the sound of a song by shifting it into a minor scale. convert key.

The results on All I Want For Christmas Is You are very eerie, largely because the festive instrumentation has been removed and replaced with intense piano chords. He also swapped out some of the more cheerful lyrics: "None of the lights shine too bright anywhere, and the sound of children crying fills the air" to be one such example.

It won't please everyone, but kudos to Chase for completely reinventing a song we've heard a thousand times.

4. PJ Morton


You may not be particularly familiar with the work of two-time Grammy nominee PJ Morton, but trust us when we say his cover of All I Want For Christmas Is You is definitely worth a listen.

His version, a collaboration with R&B singer Stokley, reinvents the song as a celebratory slow jam complete with a horn section, some '90s keyboards and a chilled-out vocal delivery.

It's certainly a unique take on All I Want For Christmas Is You, but we could also imagine Ms. Carey showing her manicured thumbs up.

3. My chemical romance

Unsurprisingly, emo-rockers are ditching the original 1960s-inspired instrumentation for the pop-punk sound that made them so popular in the 2000s.


It begins, like most versions of the song, with a gentle piano instrumental, but vocalist Gerard Way's delivery still hints at what's to come, which is...lots of electric guitars and heavy drums.

We have to hand it to MCR though: this deck is a lot less noisy than you'd expect. If rock music isn't your thing then you should probably avoid this theme, but for everyone else we really recommend this unique tribute to a Christmas classic that never feels like it's mocking or belittling the original. even though it's worlds away.

2. Ariana Grande

This live performance took place in 2012, a year earlierArianaHe released his debut album and two years earlier he topped the UK singles chart with his hit "Problem".

But even on this annual stage, the singer is the Ariana we know and love when speaking in front of audiences.


And you can't argue with that voice, can you?

Ariana has been compared to Mariah Carey throughout her career, so it's no surprise that she can do justice to one of her most iconic songs, although our only complaint is that apart from the vocals, there doesn't seem to be much to it. from the original. .

Years later, Ariana released her own collection of Christmas carols and even collaborated with Mariah on a reworking of her Christmas carol Oh Santa! (which is a total bop by the way).

1. Justin Bieber and Mariah Carey

Then again, who can really do Mariah better than Mariah?

On this 2011 re-recording, titled "Superfestive!" remix - published long beforeos biebheadlines for his angelic demeanor, he and Mariah trade lines in an arrangement more or less identical to the original, with a few added ad-libs and harmonies.

Considering the whole thing is essentially loot, it's still an effective disguise, guaranteed to bring at least a hint of a festive smile to even the most wretched of Scrooges.


And after all that, let's hear what it's supposed to sound like, shall we?

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