C. Bechstein grand and upright pianos: models, prices and serial numbers (2023)

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Company website:Bechstein.com
Owner: C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG
Country of origin:Berlin, Germany
Year of foundation: 1853
Related brands:Bosendorfer,Fazioli,Hamburg Steinway,Steingraeber

Guarantee:5 years parts and labor for the original purchaser only.

C. Bechstein grand and upright pianos: models, prices and serial numbers (1)


C. Bechsteinhas been producing legendary quality pianos for over 150 years. The Bechstein story begins in 1853, when the German Carl Bechstein began custom-manufacturing one of the finest pianos in the world to satisfy the most demanding pianists of the day. In order to meet the demand, the initial small series production eventually developed into a comprehensive operation in which Bechstein manufactured several thousand pianos a year up to the turn of the century. At the height of Bechstein's popularity and as the preferred choice of the European aristocracy, the onset and aftermath of two world wars came dangerously close to seriously wounding the company, but like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Bechstein was successfully rejuvenated.

Stable and competently owned since the late 1980s, Bechstein is once again one of the leading companies in high-quality piano construction. More recently, in the late 2000s, Bechstein bought the already existing Bohemia Piano Factory in the Czech Republic, where they began producing pianos under the resurrection.W. Hoffmannsees itself as a high-quality European alternative to professional Japanese pianos.

(Video) C. Bechstein's Incredible Upright: The Concert 8

Manufacturing time for the Academy Series is approximately half the time for the Concert Series.

Specific design differences include non-tapered tops on the Academy Series versus tapered tops on the Concert Series (industry recognized best practices), a thicker solid wood rim with more laminations on the Concert Series, and solid beech bridges on the Academy Series. Series versus laminating bridges (industry recognized best practices) in the concert series.

While the Academy Series and Concert Series pianos are clearly premium instruments, there's no question that the musical potential is greater in the Concert Series. These instruments should be carefully considered by anyone seeking the very best in European piano craftsmanship.

*Note: Although C. Bechstein has rejected an application for differentiation of the Bundesverband Klavier (BVK) made in Germany, some clarification is needed regarding the BVK.

Using the highest quality European components, Bechstein manufactures upright and grand pianos in two quality levels; the lowest-priced Academy series (in terms of quality with the best handcrafted Japanese pianos and selected German brands) and the lowest-priced Concert series (among the highest quality pianos made in the world today). With recent redesigns of all C. Bechstein Academy and Concert Series lines, today's C. Bechstein pianos are vastly superior to those the company produced 10 years ago. Currently each line produces 4 sizes of uprights and 5 sizes of grands, available in a variety of finishes and case designs.

While the Academy and Concert series share many similarities, the differences can be summed up quite simply; Concert line instruments use slightly better materials, go through a longer manufacturing process, and employ nearly all of the best piano manufacturing practices known today.

Some of the material specific differences include AAA Austrian White Spruce on the Academy Series versus the much more expensive Val di Fiemme Spruce i.e. H. Stradivarius, on the Concert Series, mahogany hammer stock on the Academy line vs. heavier, lighter walnut hammer stock on the Concert and Bechstein's "Silver Line" action in the Academy Series versus "Gold Line" Action in the Concert Series (built to tighter tolerances).

The certified Bundesverband Piano (BVK) is a private organization in Germany made up of the smallest manufacturers (less than 25% of the premium market in total) that is not certified by any law and membership only requires:

  • Glue the speaker to the back frame or to the edge
  • Assembly and installation of cast iron panels
  • string the instrument
  • Gluing the case around the instrument
  • Install and customize keyboard and action
  • tone and voice

NO part actually has to come from Germany in order to meet this certification. This is not only a fact, but even pianobuyer.com has published these details without protest or contradiction from the German Piano Association (BKV).

There are all kinds of inconsistencies too; Even the world's most respected grand piano, the Steinway D from Hamburg, is not on this list.FazioliMember is… even if he is Italian. Petrof is a member despite being Czech, andstone way& Bechstein publicly explains why they have not joined: They already meet and exceed a much stricter government regulation that actually requires certification of parts AND labor from Germany, which is the EUR-1 standard.

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Level 1C. BechsteinBosendorferFazioliHamburg Steinway
Upright models <120cmMillennium 116K, Classic/Contour 118N / DN / DN / D
Vertical models > 120 cmClassic/elegance 124, concert 8Model 130N / DN / D
Large models < 180 cmL167Modell 155, Modell 170VCF156S-155, M-170, O-180
Large models > 180 cmA192, B212, C234, D282Modell 185VC, Modell 200, Modell 200CS, Modell 214VC, Modell 214VC CS, Modell 225, Modell 280VC, Modell 290,F183, F212, F228, F278, F308A-188, B-211, C-227, D-274
tire buildingMahogany and copper beechfir and red beechmaple and mahoganyboard to do
Soundboard-MaterialItalian fir from Val Di' FiemmeAustrian silver firItalian fir from Val Di' Fiemmesolid white spruce
soundboard elevationAt least 1,000 metersHigh altitude (unknown specific altitude)At least 1,000 meters?
tonal propertiesExtremely dynamic, colorful and clear.Delicate but very rich.powerful, colourfulPowerful, clean and sharp.
actionBechstein's "Gold Line" shareMeasures taken by BösendorferRennerRenner
hammersDark Walnut - Manufactured by BechsteinMartelos Renner under felt 'Orange'RennerRenner High Compression Weikert Felt
Guarantee5 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor
Rear post and beam constructionSpruce radial frame reinforced with dovetail jointsNot availableSpruce radial beam frame with triple joinery?
Tire building (Grands only)Mahogany and copper beechfir and red beechmaple and mahoganyboard to do
Duplex Climbing (Solo Grands)Duplex front and back?double double scaleDuplex-Scale
Average Production Hours (Large)420-550 hours~ 500 hoursOver 500 hoursNot available
Average production hours (vertical)180 hoursNot availableN / DNot available
Level 2August FörsterBluthnerEstoniaShigeru KawaiYamaha CFNew York stone path
Upright models <120cm116D, CN / DN / DN / DN / D
Vertical models > 120 cm125, 134ABDOMENN / DN / DN / DK52
Large models < 180 cm17011, 10L168N / DN / DS,M,O
Large models > 180 cm190, 215, 2756, 4, 2, 1L190, L210, L225, L274SK2, SK3, SK5, SK6, SK7, SKEXCF4, CF6, CFXA,B,D
tire buildingMadeMadelaminated birchMogno and Arce Hard Rockmaple and mahoganyHard Rock Ahorn
Soundboard-Materialmassive mountain firmassive Tannesolid German spruceSolid Sitka Spruce, Ezo Spruce (larger models)solid European spruceMassive Sitka-Tanne
soundboard elevation??????
tonal propertiesDeep, dark and clear with powerful bassDark, warm and lyrical.Warm, solid and dynamicVery dynamic, colourful, dark and warm.Bright, clear with supportResonant, powerful, colorful bass
actionRennerRennerRennerMillennium III carbon fiberBalanced Yamaha actionAccelerated Steinway action
hammersRenner PremiumAbel Winkelhammerrenner azulMahogany made by KawaiBalanced premium hammersHard Rock Ahorn
Guarantee5 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor10 years parts and labor5 years parts and labor
Rear post and beam constructionfirfirSpruce, focused beam constructionfirfirfir
Tire building (Grands only)MadeMadelaminated birchmaple and mahoganymaple and mahoganyHard Rock Ahorn
Duplex Climbing (Solo Grands)?aliquot concatenationDuplex front and backFull length duplexDuplex-Scalefull dup, e.g
Average Production Hours (Large)??????
Average production hours (vertical)???N / D??
(Video) 🎹C. Bechstein Academy A124 (B124) Upright Piano Review & Demo🎹


Millennium 116k46″polished ebony$ 30.120
polished white32.060 $
Classic 11846,5"polished ebony32.060 $
polished white34.000 $
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherry35.960 $
Contour 11846,5"polished ebony32.060 $
polished white34.000 $
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherry35.960 $
Classic 12449″polished ebony39.840 $
polished white41.780 $
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherry$43.720
Elegance 12449″polished ebony39.840 $
polished white41.780 $
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherry$43.720
concert 851,5"polished ebony68.980 $
polished white70.860 $
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherryN / D
polished knotty walnutN / D
Pickled polished cherryN / D
modern a11244″polished white$26.220
Chrom Art A11244″polished white28.180 $
A114 modern44,8″polished ebony24.280 $
Chrom Art A11444,8″polished ebony$26.220
compact a11444,8″polished ebony$26.220
compact a11645,5"polished white28.180 $
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherry29.140 $
A124 Imposing48,8″polished ebony28.180 $
polished white$ 30.120
Style A12448,8″polished ebony28.180 $
polished white$ 30.120
Satin and polished walnut/mahogany/cherry32.060 $
L1675'6″polished ebony$ 126.040
Mahogany/walnut/cherry satin and polished144.920 $
polished white131.700 $
M/P1926'4″polished ebony148.700 $
Mahogany/walnut/cherry satin and polished167.580 $
polished white158.140 $
B2126'11"polished ebony171.360 $
polished white180.800 $
C2347'7"polished ebony209.140 $
polished white220.480 $
D2829'2″polished ebony272.240 $
polished white287.340 $
A1605'3″polished ebony$ 65.620
Mahogany/walnut satined and polished79.240 $
polished white69.520 $
A1755'9″polished ebony69.520 $
Walnut/mahogany satined and polished$ 83.120
polished white75.340 $
A1906'3″polished ebony73.400 $
Mahogany/walnut satined and polished$ 87.020
polished white79.240 $
A2086'8″polished ebony$ 85.060
Mahogany/walnut satined and polished104.520 $
polished white90.900 $
A2287'5″polished ebony98.680 $
Mahogany/walnut satined and polished118.120 $
polished white104.520 $



frequently asked questions

(Video) 🎹Bösendorfer vs C. Bechstein Pianos Comparison - High-End Grand Pianos🎹

Where is the serial number on a Bechstein piano?

The serial number of the C. Bechstein ear studs is located under the lid, stamped on the metal plate. On C. Bechstein grand pianos, the serial number is on the front of the grand piano and is also stamped on the metal plate.

Are Bechstein pianos good?

The C. Bechstein Concert Series grand pianos and uprights are among the most elite pianos in the world today and are one of only 6 manufacturers to be classified in the highest possible quality category by the Professional's Guide.

Where are Bechstein pianos made?

C. Bechstein pianos are exclusively handcrafted in Seifhennersdorf, Germany.

How much does a Bechstein piano cost?

List prices for C. Bechstein upright pianos range from $25,750 to $67,457, while list prices for C. Bechstein grand pianos range from $63,434 to $227,702.

How do you become a member of Bechstein Artists?

C. Bechstein is very selective with his artistic program. Contact a registered Bechstein dealer for more information.

Who owns Bechstein pianos?

Four of the greatest composers of all time are known to own and compose on C. Bechstein; Edvard Grieg, Alexander Scriabin, Maurice Ravel and Béla Bartók. Other famous owners include Claude Debussey and, perhaps most famously, The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie and Queen.

How do you tell the age of a Bechstein piano?

You can determine the age of a C. Bechstein upright piano by looking up the serial number and see the top of this page to determine the age.

Who plays a Bechstein piano?

Many of the leading classical and pop artists of the 20th century frequently played Bechstein, including Alexander Scriabin, Claude Debussey, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elton John, David Bowie, Lou Reed, Supertramp and Oscar Peterson.

How much does a Bechstein C grand piano cost?

List prices for C. Bechstein grand pianos range from $63,434 to $227,702.

How big is a C. Bechstein Model M?

A C. Bechstein A192 (formerly Model M) is a 6'4" (192 cm) grand piano.

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