23 indie games to look forward to in 2023 (2023)

In 2023, many big flashy AAA video games are coming out, developed by big studios with hundreds of developers. But smaller indie studios continue to lead innovation with story, mechanics and gameplay. This list is a compilation of 23 exciting indie games across all genres to be released in 2023.

Some of these games were included inSummary 2022but it took a year to get things right without pushing the developers to their limits. Similar to 2021, in 2022, developerstell me how they work. Employees at independent game studios, along with QA staff at the largest studios, led the industry's union movement to ensure fewer crises and safer, healthier, and happier workers.

These are the 23 most anticipated indie titles of 2023, but we'd love to hear in the comments which indie games you're most looking forward to.


From developer Visai Games,Venba is described as a "narrative cooking game" set in 1980s Canada. It centers on an Indian mother and challenges players to cook and remember lost recipes. It is a story about "family, love, loss and more,” the developer wrotesteam. in addition to cookingVenbaIt has an amazing art style and a complex storyline with branching conversations and separate stories.

Venbaexpected on Nintendo Switch andwindowPC in spring 2023.

thirsty admirers

hawk timeOuterloop game developerestreou thirsty contendersduring the Game Awards 2021. The trailer featured cooking, skateboarding, dating, and "turn-based RPG combat" that appeared to be part of the game's dating aspect. The story revolves around a woman named Jala who has returned to her little gossip hometown. Family, friends and of course former players will all play a big part in this.

thirsty admirersdoes not expect nintendo switch,play station4, PlayStation 5, PC mit Windows,Xbox uhand Xbox Series X sometime in 2023.


Voneastern shadeDeveloper Eastshade StudiosSongs of Glimmerwick mixes music and magicin an RPG set in a witch academy: musicesMagic, and players need to learn different songs to cast spells. There is also a magical garden, potions and a mysterious world to discover. It's not the only magic school game coming out next year, but it seems to have a unique fantasy world.

Glimmerwick-Songsexpected on Windows PC sometime in 2023.


If I had a word to describedordoñaI would go with "amazing". The game has an awesome watercolor style that drew me in right away. The narrative adventure game will immerse the player in "childhood memories" according to its Steam page. It's set in both the present and the past, and both worlds look equally beautiful.

dordoñaIt is expected sometime in 2023 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Spirit Swap: Lofi hits to pass 3

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soft not weakSpirit Swap: Lofi hits to pass 3is a rhythm matching game with an awesome soundtrack and a cast of witches and ghouls, some of which you can hang out with, meet up with and maybe even date? All of this takes place in five different match-three modes.

Spirit Swap: Lofi hits to pass 3is expected sometime in 2023 for Windows PC.

Franco and Drake

Franco and DrakeIt is meant to be a version of classic novels likeFrankensteinjDracula, set in a turn-based world, it focuses on two housemates with opposing timelines.

Franco and Drakewill be availableMac, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows PC, Xbox One und Xbox Series X im Februar.

bear cook

We played like that last yearBear who runs an inn. This year we from developer Banana Box are excited to play as Kochbär. the game is calledbear cook,and as the name suggests, it's about a little bear who cooks in a normal, human-sized kitchen. We still don't know much more about the game, but based on the premise alone, we can't wait to see more.

bear cookIt will be available on Nintendo Switch.

Super Space Club

O Graham ReidSuper Space Clubis a colorful lo-fi space combat game similar to Atari.asteroidsif it were an open world game.

Super Space Clubdoes not expect a Windows PC,Xbox uh, SheXbox Series X sometime in 2023.


she dreams somewhere else, as you may have guessed, takes place in a dream. Dubbed an adventure RPG, this indie game has a surreal vibe - the perfect setting for a nightmare. The music, composed by Mimi Page, sounds perfect.

she dreams somewhere elseis expected for Mac, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X in 2023. It will also be available in Xbox Game Pass.

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null frame

null frameis a non-dominating and conquering strategy game developed by Free Lives. Instead, the player must restore procedurally generated wasteland and bring the world back to life.

null frameis expected for Windows PC in 2023. A demo is now available on Steam.

After love ep

de pixelnesiaAfter love ep,Published by Fellow Traveler, it's a dating simulator, rhythm game, and narrative adventure. All of this takes place in Indonesia's capital, Jakarta, with a story of loss and love.

After love epIt will be available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

hollow body

hollow bodyis a survival horror game from developer Headware Games, inspired by the horror of the early 2000s. Here's the premise: you are a character named Mica, living in a futuristic world plagued by the decay you find yourself in. a nefarious network of black market freelancers." Trapped in the "exclusion zone" with limited resources, they must get out of the sealed and horrible world.

hollow bodyIt will be available on Windows PCs.


Troubleshootingwill look familiar to anyone who has used an old Windows PC. Developer Jam Rascals uses the inner world of a computer to create a game that focuses on fixing Wi-Fi and scanning for viruses, among many other activities. Of course you're a JPEG, and it's a first-person shooter with puzzles and stackable gameplay featuring strange objects like hot dogs. It looks messy and good.

Troubleshootingwill be available for Windows PCs in "spring" 2023.

BombTo runciberfunk

Radio Jets tributeCyberfunk-Bombenfieber The release was originally planned for 2022 but was pushed back to summer 2023. The Reptile development team is focused on a high-intensity BMX bike, skateboard, and inline skating game that will have an amazing soundtrack that includes works from withinJet Set Radio and Jet Set Radio future composer Hideki Naganuma.

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Cyberfunk-BombenfieberIt will be available for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC in Summer 2023.

season: A letter to the future

Season: A Letter to the Futurepresents the story of a young man who leaves home for the first time "before disaster takes all".seasonIt's a road trip game, but on the bike and like any road trip, it's important to document everything in records, videos, and photos.

Season: A Letter to the Futurewill be available on January 31st for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.


superfuselooks like a blizzarddevil series, at least as far as the genre goes: it's an action RPG with a lot of top-down slashing. But the art style looks like a comic. Players will face a "great conspiracy that endangers all of humanity".

superfusewill be available in Early Access on Windows PC on January 31st.

Simulacro Deadeye Deepfake

ESimulacro Deadeye DeepfakeHaven't gotten you hooked by the lo-fi beats of the gameplay, maybe the gameplay will: "Play as the ultimate cyber corporate agent. Master deadly firefights, time manipulation, and supernatural abilities. Hack computers, people, and even single bullets flying towards you. Face the future and die trying."as developer nodayshalleraseyou wrote on Steam.

Simulacro Deadeye Deepfakeis currently in Early Access on Windows PCs.

Form: vapor and ash

Form: vapor and ashThe beautiful pixelated world of is incomparable: the steampunk scenery is incredibly detailed and full of life. The platforming and 2D combat will be just as important as the "twisty-heavy narrative" set in the steam town of Canaan, a world of "dangerous truths."

Form: vapor and ashIt will be available for Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

Elation von Wonder Box 6000


Elation For The Wonder Box 6000 is a first-person clay adventure game about going to town to find a game from your youth that no one else remembers.

And best of all, it can be added to the wish list belowhttps://t.co/w16ZxNU5xO pic.twitter.com/ZVZrJzrwLk

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First-person audio gameElation von Wonder Box 6000,From developer Digital Tchotchkes, it looks like a horror game, but it's actually about nostalgia (with a lot of horror elements). In the game you play as a person in search of a favorite childhood game that no one else remembers. Look, we've all been there.

Elation von Wonder Box 6000is expected sometime in 2023 for Windows PC.

rusty moss

rusty mossis described by its developer as aMetroidvania "Kugelhelly", and traversing involves swinging around with a grappling hook, which is also your robotic partner. As with any good Metroidvania, exploration is a huge element of the game, and the travel mechanics look intriguing too.

rusty mossIt is expected for Windows PCs in early 2023.

nine suns

Red Candle Games is known for its horror gamesdedicationjarrest, butnine sunsseems to go in a completely different direction.nine sunsIt's a 2D platform game.impostorAxe: Shadows die twice-Fighting style. Not only does it look complex and challenging,also nine sunsIt looks great with its detailed hand drawn illustration style.

nine sunsexpected sometime in 2023 for Windows PCs and other platforms.


Elegant and unique platforms at Schimit means controlling a little soul jumping from shadow to shadow. Its platform is part of a world-spanning puzzle in which players guide a small frog-like shadow back to its human counterpart. Yourexpected to appear in 2023on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC on Windows.

Gestureis expected sometime in 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.


Goodbye,from developer awaceb, is inspired by New Caledonia, a small island where the developers are from. Its main mechanic is the "soul jump", which allows the player to transform into various things in the environment, both animals and objects, while exploring the beautiful world. There's also a fully playable ukulele!

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Goodbye is expected in early 2023 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.


What is the most popular indie game right now? ›

The 10 best indie games of 2022, ranked
  • Raw Fury.
  • Devolver Digital.
  • Cellar Door Games.
  • Humble Games.
  • Devolver Digital.
  • Fellow Traveler.
  • Annapurna Interactive.
  • Finji.
Dec 25, 2022

What is the biggest indie game of all time? ›

1 Minecraft

Minecraft has come a long way since its indie origins... a very long way. Officially released in 2011, the sandbox game quickly gained traction, in part due to its seemingly endless creative potential. In 2014, Microsoft bought developer Mojang Studios from Markus Persson for a modest $2.5 billion.

Why are indie games so much better than AAA? ›

AAA vs.

Another fundamental difference between AAA studios and indie studios is the amount of money invested in each. AAA studios tend to have multimillion-dollar budgets, whereas indie studios have a much slimmer budget, often relying on crowdfunding, like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, to help finance their projects.

What is an indie game vs AAA? ›

A majority of Indie games are in a pixel art style, while AAA have more realistic graphics or semi-realistic, because of the high budgets that the companies like Rockstar Games (that made GTA and Activision) have, while Indie games are made by a small group of people like the game Undertale and One Shot.

What game is #1 right now? ›

What PC Games Are People Playing Right Now?
Game titlePublisher
1.ROBLOXRoblox Corporation
2.MinecraftMojang Studios
3.Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II/Warzone 2.0Activision Publishing
4.FortniteEpic Games
16 more rows


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