19 different types of trucks. Do you know them all? (2023)

Trucks are some of the strongest vehicles around because they were built to move the heaviest things ever built or born.

Be it cattle, boats, machinery, equipment or production, if you need to drive on the highway, drive the truck. The trucks are designed to move batches of hard drives between Amazon headquarters because it's faster to move data.

Regardless of what you think of them, there is still some objective novelty and usefulness in truck driving.

types of trucks


  • types of trucks
  • Pick up
  • australian road train
  • Bootstransport
  • Car Transporter/Car Transport Trailer
  • cement truck
  • refrigerated/refrigerated truck
  • Crane trucks / mobile cranes
  • fire truck
  • tow truck
  • follower
  • they are moving
  • road maintenance vehicles
  • cattle transport
  • logging truck
  • snowplow
  • Oil
  • garbage truck
  • tow truck
  • van

Pick up

Pickups are pretty much the only domestic pickups. However, they are very popular. The Ford F-Series is the best-selling truck, followed by the Chevrolet Silverado and then Dodge Ram trucks [Source:BusinessInsider.com].

Even though I don't own a truck, there have been times when I wish I did. We're carrying quite a bit of kids' bikes and gear, so it would be helpful to dump everything on our backs instead of trying to stuff it into the hatch of our crossover.

If you include SUVs and crossovers in the term "truck," the entire truck category is growing like crazy, accounting for 69% of family vehicle sales [source:Autoweek.com].

australian road train

The longest road train ever built is a truck with 112 trailers. That's a long time for a train, let alone a truck.

Road trains are not used much, except in Australia, where the road is completely straight from coast to coast, which allows you to carry more than 3 trailers.


There are small boats and big boats out there. And while an SUV or large car can haul the smaller ones, the heavier and more prestigious ones can only be transported by small trucks or a specialized flatbed truck known as a boat hauler. Specially designed to support the enormous weight of a ship, it is built for stability, not speed.

The average long distance cost can vary depending on the ship, but is generally between $600 and $1,000. For short distances, it is not uncommon to pay between $150 and $350.

Car Transporter/Car Transport Trailer

This is a closed single deck or open double deck car carrier with multiple compartments designed to keep cars in place during a long haul. They can be open or closed, with integrated ramps for loading and unloading vehicles. These are generally used to ship cars from their manufacturers to dealerships. They differ from flatbed trailers in that they are not equipped with loaders or winches. Instead, they rely on the vehicles to charge themselves.

cement truck

A concrete mixer truck or concrete mixer is a truck to which a concrete mixer is attached. He takes the mixing equipment to deliver it to the places where it is needed. Rotary machines mix cement and water into concrete and pour it at the designated places. These can be on the ground, in special forms, etc. The machinery keeps the cement in a liquid state for a long time due to the constant movement, which gives the cement a more permanent quality and a longer shelf life than if it were stored. in the place. The cement is usually discharged from the rear and the drum in which it is mixed is made of steel or fiberglass.

refrigerated/refrigerated truck

Refrigerated Trucks/Reefers are refrigerated trucks equipped with refrigeration equipment to keep food and supplies cool during transit. Commonly used for transporting fruit, meat and fish, refrigerated trucks are either ice-cooled or mechanically refrigerated, powered by displacement diesel engines. They can also be cooled with dry ice or high pressure liquid carbon dioxide. These trucks were first produced in the 1920s and have been fully insulated (high-density polymer foam) and better ventilated ever since.

Higher pressure techniques and more efficient cooling techniques have made these trucks more efficient over the past century.

Crane trucks / mobile cranes

Crane trucks/mobile cranes are trucks equipped with a cable-controlled crane. It is mounted on crawlers. They are designed for easy portability and require little to no setup or assembly. These trucks are usually equipped with a hook suspended from a steel cable. The steel cables are operated by the main motors that the designers put in. Transmissions can be hydraulic, electric or internal combustion engine. The invention of these devices occurred in the 1870s, when the crane was limited to one location and had to be transported to the locations where it needed to be used.

Crane developments over the years included the introduction of an internal combustion engine in 1922 and the invention of telescopic work.

fire truck

A fire truck is built to carry the equipment needed to extinguish a fire at its source. It is usually equipped with hoses and sirens and enough cargo space to accommodate a fire crew. It is equipped with automatic stair lifts and breathing equipment such as masks and oxygen tanks. This is maintained along with the uniforms and bulletproof vests that firefighters need to do their job efficiently.

It is also stocked with first aid kits and walkie-talkies or two-way radios to allow firefighters to contact the proper authorities for quick action. The fire truck can also hold water and fire fighting pumps, while there are options to connect the hose to a fire hydrant on site.

tow truck

Atow truckA tow truck or recovery vehicle is a truck used to move a vehicle that is impounded, illegally parked, disabled, or diseased. In case of violation of the law, accident or damage to the infrastructure, the truck can be brought in and a vehicle must be removed from the situation. It differs greatly from a car trailer in that it does not move vehicles for simple transportation purposes; it only takes them away from places that endanger them or make them dangerous.

Tow trucks were first invented in Tennessee in 1916 when six men pulled a car out of a stream using ropes. Adjustable booms are used today to recover vehicles from trenches and similar situations.


A flatbed truck or flatbed truck is a completely flat truck that has no sides or roof. It allows the loading and unloading of goods and is used to transport very heavy loads that do not require proper or careful handling. It is not used for goods that can be damaged by rain and for unusually large loads that require large spaces.

The trailer bed is literally just that, completely flat. In addition, the loads are attached to the surface with ropes. The truck is often equipped with hooks, so tying it up is much easier than just tying tight knots. Poorly secured cargo can shift during transportation, which is why flatbed trucks have become less popular of late. They have become a dying breed of once proud pickup trucks.

they are moving

Furniture trucks are built to load and unload furniture. They are used to move and transport large amounts of furniture from manufacturers to retailers. Furniture trucks aren't particularly robust or strong, but they do serve an important purpose. If necessary, they are equipped with a ramp or a lifting gate. Drivers help with both lifting and driving.

road maintenance vehicles

Highway repair truck or highway maintenance truck is equipped with very special features that allow a single person to stand at the back and place cones on the highway. This makes it possible to isolate specific sections of the road for repairs. The trucks also feature a retractable barrier and high-intensity lighting, allowing work to be done in the dark. The truck is also equipped with all kinds of tools and cargo space so that the relevant materials can be transported for repair.

cattle transport

Livestock trucks are used to transport animals to and from farms. It is a vehicle specially built to hold cattle and keep them in place. Some are even equipped with special devices to keep them in place and well fed. Trucks are often slightly open at the rear or top to allow cattle natural light and air and are not confined to a small space. This often makes them restless. Although they are not the strongest trucks, they are among the toughest since they have to transport heavy animals.

logging truck

A logging truck or logging truck is used to transport large amounts of timber between distant destinations. They have built in separate dollies or tractors so they can be configured to share loads between tractors and a rolling trailer.

The first was built in 1913 to transport timber felled near riverbeds to the city or nearby towns. Due to the start of World War I, the logging industry faced high demand and more and more logging trucks were built to meet that demand more efficiently.


Snowplows are used for one purpose, which is to clear snow that has accumulated on roads to provide clear passage for cars. It is used to remove snow and ice from exterior surfaces used for transportation. This term is used to refer to vehicles that mount snow removal implements, but are not directly built for it. They are also considered winter service vehicles.

Smaller snowplows are used for driveways or driveways, and body scrapers are mounted on vehicles in urban centers to do the same work as snowplows.

The snowplow was first used in the 1840s and was drawn by horses. The first mechanically powered plow was built in 1913 and was designed to meet the demands of New York City streets.


A tank truck is often used to transport liquid or liquefied material. This can be in the form of oil, gasoline, water, liquid chemicals, or fertilizers and pesticides. Containers are typically insulated, pressurized, and designed for single or multiple loads. Tanker trucks are very difficult to drive as they have a high center of gravity. They can also be extremely dangerous due to the cargo they carry.

garbage truck

A dump truck or dump truck is used to transport loose material such as sand or gravel or construction debris. It is typically used during construction and large construction projects to transport raw material for mixing or grinding. It features an open box and is hinged at the rear to allow it to tilt and discharge material efficiently.

garbage truckin use since 19ºcentury in Europe. Designs became more industrial, while the originals were often horse-drawn and used to dump garbage from farms. Hydraulic liftgates were added in the 1910s and used for supply during World War I eventually becoming popular for use in mining and construction.

tow truck

A trailer trailer is an American term for a cargo trailer supported by front and rear axles pulled by a drawbar. The same vehicle is known in Europe as an A-frame drawbar trailer, it is 8' wide and almost 35 to 40' long.

Cargo trailers are used to transport heavy goods over long distances. They can be used to transport furniture and supplies, or they can be used to transport large shipments of raw materials. There are entire companies based on freight movement that make a lot of money moving large volumes hundreds of miles. Expect to be charged $2000 or more to move with a cargo trailer.


This is a truck with a frame and cab that carries a load in the shape of a bucket or box. Most vans have separate cargo cabins, but some have doors leading to the other two areas. Most pickups and trucks differ in their superstructure for this very reason, as the former have no connection between the chassis and the bed, and the latter have no connection. The trucks are typically between 10 and 26 feet long and can carry between 12,500 and 33,000 pounds. They have garage door backs that roll up and are used by businesses to move equipment, furniture, etc.

Trucks were built to transport everything from massive vehicles, food, spices, oil and gas, water, furniture, and even large pieces of machinery. They are literally metal beasts, tackling long stretches of highway every day to acquire essential supplies for the survival of entire industries and cities. They are an integral part of the human ecosystem and employ a large percentage of the global workforce. They represent the working class like no other vehicle and are a symbol of human ingenuity and intelligence.

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